Friday, May 6, 2011

makes me want to be Indian...
-David Starfire – Load (Love and Light Remix)
 Alex Mind & Frederik Olufsen – Rio To Cph (Lazy Rich Remix)-DANG!
Marcelo D2 – Desabafo & Deixa Eu Dizer-Brazilian Rap- Fresh.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


-Hey I know its been two days so I feel guilty...  Two new tracks to brighten your mood up too!! First song   
is crackinn....... SEXY party House track.

Me: Is the plane shaking??

Lil Jon: Yes... WE HIT TURBULENCE!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hey nice hip hop track again with Mac Miller and Boaz.. I know who's Boaz??  Apparently he's an MC from Pittsburg who's already been featured on a couple of Mac Miller's mixtapes!!   His rhymes are pretty chill though. Like him.  Look for his new mixtape May 6th called "The Transition".  If it's HOT I'll be sure to post it!!

 Boaz ft. Mac Miller & Josh Evere – Around The World

-(On a side note I would like to commend our soldiers for their bravery on the front lines.)

Sayonara OSAMA!


Hey sorry I couldn't get to you guys earlier but I've spent all day working on bio... :(  I know, how unbro-like of me.  Besides caffeine these two songs are the only things keeping me up at this hour... A nice remix by Cure and Cause and some DUCKY SAUCE (I know they are called Duck Sauce) mixed in there. These are HOT.  Unlike my study habits... :(  But these tracks make me smile :)

Shawn Desman – Electric (Cure & Cause Remix)

 Duck Sauce Vs. Micheal Jackson – Beat It Barbara (Tristan Garner Bootleg) 

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hey so tell me if you guys are digging the new background up top..  I figured we needed a little mascot for the website!! I forgot to post this earlier but anyways I've been loving everything with Dev and The Cataracts lately.  This beat just makes me want to dance and the saxophone addition is NIIIICCCE!!! It's different and I like it!! Sure you will too...

In The Dark (Produced by The Cataracs) – Dev | Download
Nice song with Mac Miller reflecting on his life in hip hop... get it.

Chill summer dubstep...

I can see myself just relaxing by the pool with this song in the background..  This dubstep seems pretty upbeat but still has that unique tone to it. Summer Playlist !!

 Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill (Stylust Beats Remix)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My fellow brommunity...

Hey guys!! My name's Ben and I'm a chill bro living the life on the beaches of socal.  Everyday I'll try to post a bangin track for you all to enjoy wherever your fratcastle/bro pad may be........  I spend a lot of time checking out other music blogs so that I can make this place a one stop shop for you guys!!!! My goal is to keep you posted on the latest music trends hitting the parties in CALI...  So in the words of Tim Leary- "Turn on, Tune in, Drop out".... Tag along if your into good music... PEACE.